An Insight into Different Types of Nickel Alloy Bars



A nickel alloy bar is made by combining nickel with other metals such as Cu and Mn. These bars are used in different industrial applications like aerospace and automotive. These Nickel alloy bars are classified into low-carbon and high-carbon alloys. Since the alloy bars have a lower melting point as compared to pure nickel, they are considered to be more suitable for casting.

Types and Applications of Nickel Alloy Bar:

  • The common type of alloy that is used to make Nickel Alloy Bars is nickel-iron. This alloy is known to have high durability.
  • In addition, chromium can also be used along with Nickel to form a nickel-chromium bar. This type of bar possesses excellent anti-corrosive properties.
  • Another common type of Nickel alloy bar is a nickel-copper bar which is known to have high ductility.

All of these bars are used in different industrial applications such as:

  • In the construction and Power Generation Industries
  • In aerospace and electronic applications.
  • In the Oil and Gas, and Waste processing industry
  • In the chemical and food-processing equipment, and many more.

Categorization of Nickel Alloy Bars:

The high strength and presence of corrosion resistance property of Nickel based alloy increase its demand in industrial applications. Based on its characteristic features, it can be divided into different categories. Have a look at a few of them:

  1. The Monel Nickel Alloy 405 Bars are used in hydrocarbon and chemical processing equipment. Due to the presence of exceptional properties, these bars are widely used in fittings, fasteners, Metal instruments, frames of eyeglasses, marine engineering, and heat exchanger industries. To get the best quality Monel Nickel Alloy Bar, make sure that you connect with only the Best Monel Nickel Alloy 405 Bars Supplier.
  2. The next important Ni alloy bar is Monel Nickel Alloy 400 Bars. These are used in Process piping, shafts, vessels, marine fixtures, refining equipment, heat exchangers, and several other industrial applications.
  3. The Monel Nickel Alloy K500 Bars give you the advantage of high strength and good corrosion resistance. These bars are used in applications that involve oil well drill collars, valve components for ships, and instrumentation components for oil and gas production.
  4. Monel Nickel Alloy 718 Bars which have good corrosion and oxidation resistance are used in applications that involve jet engines and turbines.
  5. The Nickel Alloy 625 Bars are used in propeller blades, oceanographic instrumentation, and several other applications.

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