Nickel Alloys Bars



Are you looking out for Quality Nickel Alloys Bars?

Maniar and company is a leading name in the Importers and Stockiest of nickel alloys and nickel alloy bars.

We are in the market since years and meet most ASME, ASTM, AMS certified specifications and meet most of international standards.

Our diversity of products makes them stand out in the market. We are satisfy the demands of wide range of industries like Oil & gas, shipbuilding, petrochemical, aerospace, etc. for over a decade now.

On-time delivery and supreme quality has helped to grow and flourish.

Here is the Nickle Alloys Bars Supplier

Nickel Alloys Bars

Nickel Alloy bars has excellent mechanical characteristics even at zero temperatures. We have excellent corrosion-resistant properties, are resistant to chloride stress corrosion, and are fully weldable.

The nickel alloys that Maniar and company deal with are:

  1. Monel Nickel Alloy 400 Bars
  2. Monel Nickel Alloy 405 Bars
  3. Nickel Alloy K500 Bars
  4. Nickel Alloy 718 Bars
  5. Nickel Alloy 625 Bars

All of the above varieties are used in oil and gas industry, aircraft ducting systems, jet engine exhaust systems, valves, tubing hangers, mechanical industry, marine industry etc.

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Summary –

Maniar and company is a reputed name in India for the Importers and Stockiest of nickel alloys and bars. We are being highly recommended for their superior quality products and prompt delivery. We meet almost all the national and international quality standards and specifications for the equipment. Our nickel alloys are excellent in quality and are procured with exact specifications as per the requirements of the customer.