An Overview of PH Grade Bars in Mumbai



An Overview of PH Grade Bars in Mumbai

Looking for premium quality precipitation hardened or Ph Grade stainless steel Bars for different industrial applications?

Go with the expert’s opinion and avail 17-4 Ph Grade Bars. This is an excellent product suitable for industrial applications that require durable materials with high tensile strength. Owing to their excellent strength, durability, and corrosion-resistant properties, the Ph Grade Bars becomes a high-in-demand product. If you are looking for good quality Ph grade bars, then contact a reliable company to purchase them.

You can get a wide array of PH Grade Bars in Mumbai from Maniar Steel, an acknowledged supplier of quality products.

Understanding the important points of each type of Ph grade bar:

Based on the strength and other properties, Ph Grade bars are classified into two series, i.e., 17-4 Ph DH1150 and 17-4 Ph H1150.

Let’s discuss them in brief.

17-4 Ph DH1150

The precipitation-hardened (Ph) martensitic stainless steel which contains copper (Cu), niobium (Nb), and tantalum (Ta) is known as 17-4 Ph DH1150 bars.

  • These bars are known for their high strength, hardness, and moderate corrosion resistance property. These properties are enough to make them suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • The major applications that require products like 17-4 Ph DH1150 bars include aerospace (aircraft fittings and aircraft engine parts), pump shafts, mill equipment, reactor components, etc.
  • Different series of 17-4 Ph DH1150 bars are available in the market. For example; the 300 series (316 /316L and 304/304L) and the 400 series (410 and 420). Search for a trustworthy supplier of PH Grade Bars to avail these bars.

17-4 Ph H1150

  • 17-4 Ph H1150 bars are best for applications that require corrosion protection in the mid-range and high strength at competitive rates.
  • It is available in H1150 condition and is found to be a highly versatile Ph-grade bar.
  • It is available in the 300, 316, 316L, 400, 410, and 420 series.
  • Used in different applications like aerospace, oil field applications, mill equipment, pump shafts, etc.

While buying the Ph grade bars make sure that they have been tested for certain critical parameters and they must have high impact strength. Choose the PH Grade Bars center in Mumbai that supplies bars that are as per the NACE, API, SAE, AMS, ASTM, MIL, EN10088-3 Standards. The chemical composition and mechanical properties also need to be checked before you buy the product from the supplier.


Ph martensitic Bar is a high-grade stainless-steel bar widely acclaimed for its excellent properties. Hardened through low-temperature heat treatment, these bars are typically used in applications that require high tensile strength. These bars are available in two forms from which you can choose the best one depending on your application requirements.

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