Monel Nickel Alloy 405 Bars

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Monel Nickel Alloy 400 Bars

The higher sulphur concentration in Monel Nickel Alloy 405 Bars improves machinability. It has similar corrosion resistance and physical properties to alloy 400, but a somewhat diverse range of mechanical properties. Monel Nickel Alloy 405 Bars are mostly used in semiconductors, medical surgical equipment, fasteners, cross-country gas and water pipelines, atomic energy, chillers and cooling systems, pulp and paper industries, automobiles, LNG, desalination, defence, and aerospace applications.

Although the grade can be tempered or cold worked to increase its properties, Alloy 405 (2.4360) is supplied in the annealed condition as standard.

Applications of Monel Nickel Alloy 405 Bars:

Chemical Process Industry:

Sulphuric Acid Production, Hydrochloric Acid Processes, Hydrofluoric & Fluorosilicic Acid Processes, Fatty Acid Production

Marine Industry and Shipbuilding:

Propellers and Shafts, Fasteners

Oil and Gas Industry:

Pumps, Valves, Crude Petroleum stills and process vessels
Heat Exchanger Plates

Alloy 405 Features:

Nickel - Alloy 405 UNS No 4405

Chemical Composition :

The chemical composition is according to UNS No 4405:
  C Mn Cu Si S Ni Fe
Min. 28.0 0.025 63.00
Max. 0.03 2.0 34.0 0.05 0.060 Bal. 2.5

Material Properties

Mechanical Properties is in accordance with ASTM B164
  Yield Strength
Ksi (MPa)
Tensile Strength
ksi (MPa)
Min. 70.0 (483) 90.0 (621) 15%
Max. 100.0 (690) 130.0 (896)

Hardness : 35 HRC maximum