Stainless Steel Bright Bars



Stainless Steel Bright Bars

Maniar and Company is a global leading brand from India for all kinds of metals. We procure all kinds of metals, specializing in stainless steel bright bars.

We have a wide range of products to deal in the market of metals. We are renowned suppliers, dealers and distributors of stainless steel bright bar products all over India.

Our diversity of products makes them stand out in the market. We are satisfied the demands of wide range of industries like Oil & gas, ship building, petrochemical, aerospace, etc. for over a decade now.

Let’s take an insight of their variety of products:-

Stainless Steel Bright Bars Series

The stainless steel 300 series is corrosion resistant and retains its strength at higher temperatures and are easy to maintain. These are generally used in the aerospace, automobile, and construction industries.

Stainless Steel 316/316L Bright Bars –

Mostly used in the chemical industries because of its corrosion resistance, improving chloride pitting resistance and strengthening the alloy in high temperatures properties.

These are generally used in the food processing, marine, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Stainless Steel 304/304L Bright Bars

These are corrosion resistant and work best at elevated temperatures which makes them suitable for the use in pressure vessels and petrochemical equipments where high temperatures are used.

Stainless Steel 410 Bright Bars –

These are made of 12 percent chromium steel and are corrosion and heat resistant. Among the hard enable stainless steel bright bars, it is the most extensively used.

These are majorly used in gate valves, press plates, petrochemical equipments, mining machinery, distillation trays, etc.

Tungsten Carbide Balls –

Tungsten Carbide balls are well-known for their hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and bending resistance.

17-4 PH Bars –

We are also dealing with variety of PH bars which are mostly used in aerospace, pump shaft and oil path due to its corrosion resistance and high strength.

Maniar and Company holds success in the business because of the high quality end products, cost- effectively and prompts delivery globally.


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Summary –

Maniar and Company leads the global steel market with the variety of steel alloys that they provide globally at a best quality and the most affordable rates. We understand the client’s requirements and give them the best service and products, this has been their motto to expand and flourish a successful business in the market of stainless steel suppliers, dealers and distribution.